May 23, 2010

Must have android apps

I switched to CM Eclair ROM recently and am forced to live without the Sense UI. Here's my list of must have android apps (the order is not significant):

Dialer One - The best Sense dialer replacement.
Barcode Scanner
Dropbox - I have it on all my internet connected devices.
Meebo IM - Used for facebook chat.
Wifi Analyzer
Sim Checker
SyncMyPix - Sync contacts with facebook
Live Bookmarks
Facebook for Android
988 Pomocnik - Serbian CallerID
TV Vodic - TV Guide, Serbian version
Calling Flip - flip to phone while ringing to turn of the ringtone.
In-app Wifi Toggle  - turn on wifi from any app

Team Explorer source control is disabled in VS 2008

A quick fix would be to select desired plugin in tools -> Options -> Source Control.